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WasteBusters Challenge: Preventing Food Waste

February 23, 2022

It’s time once again to take the WasteBusters Challenge! WasteBusters is an annual waste reduction competition for organizations and individuals in Clark County hosted by the Green Neighbors program. Families, friends, businesses, and organizations are encouraged to form teams or sign up as individuals, committing to reduce waste and foster sustainable habits for the 21-day challenge. The challenge provides opportunities to attend virtual events, complete weekly challenges, and answer prompts to share ideas with the community!

The 2022 WasteBusters Challenge will run from March 1–March 21. This year’s pledge options include:

  1. I pledge to reduce my meat intake by one day per week.
  2. I pledge to organize and rotate food in my refrigerator to prioritize consuming food before it expires.
  3. I pledge to plan and stick to my shopping list during grocery shopping.

Register for the challenge here.

Kickoff Event

Join us online via Zoom on Monday, February 28, 6-7:15 pm to kick off the 2022 WasteBusters Challenge: Preventing Food Waste. Hear from our surprise guest speaker who will kick off the conversation about preventing food waste at home or on the go. This is also a great opportunity to learn more about this year’s challenge and begin earning points. All are welcome to this free event; you can sign up for a WasteBusters pledge before or after the event.

Register for the kickoff event here.

How It Works

Once registration is open, sign up for the WasteBusters Challenge and invite friends to join you! You can even create teams. You will receive a reminder email when it is time to kickoff the challenge. After the challenge begins, be sure to visit the WasteBusters website regularly. The WasteBusters site has its own social media platform where you can post status updates and respond to reflection questions as well as interact with the community and learn about waste reduction. You can earn points by attending virtual events, completing weekly challenges and answering prompts. Participants who earn over a certain number of points are entered into a drawing for the grand prize.

Who’s ready to reduce some food waste? Take the pledge!