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Commercial Lending Team

Columbia Credit Union’s Commercial Lending team has experienced and knowledgeable professionals ready to help you meet your business goals. We offer all the banking expertise you’d expect from a national competitor along with the personal touch and local decisions you appreciate from your trusted credit union.

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Picture Of Joe Storm Columbia Business Lending
Joe Storm
VP, Director of Commercial and Business Services

Picture Of Tracie Jellison Columbia Business Lending
Tracie Jellison
VP Commercial Lending
Paula Ford VP Treasury Services
Paula Ford
VP Business Services

Picture Of Luke Shepard Columbia Business Lending
Luke Shepard
VP Commercial Lending
Picture Of Scott Karn Columbia Business Lending
Scott Karn
VP Commercial Lending

Picture Of Luke Shepard Columbia Business Lending
Samantha Sandford
VP Commercial Lending
Picture Of Juan Mendoza Columbia Business Lending
Juan Mendoza
SBA Specialist

Picture Of Fletcher Conn Columbia Business Lending
Fletcher Conn
VP Commercial Lending