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Everyday Green Practices

Columbia Credit Union began instituting green practices years ago, when sustainability wasn’t an expected practice in the financial services industry. Our green practices continue today as an integral part of our operations and guide our approach to serving the needs of our community.

Clark County Green Business Columbia recognized as Clark County Green Business
Columbia has earned recognition as a Green Business through the Clark County Green Business Program. Columbia’s Grand Central branch successfully met the program’s criteria in six key areas of environmental impact to receive the endorsement. Future plans include conducting the program at all of our locations.

Building green facilities

  • We incorporate sustainable building features into our branches.
  • Our Grand Central and Washougal branches were the first financial institution branches in Washington State built to strict Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) 2.2 Gold Certification standards.
  • Our Buckman branch received a Silver Sustainability at Work Certificate from The City of Portland for green practices.

Incorporating green business practices

  • We purchase more than 50 percent of electricity through a renewable energy program.
  • We use compact fluorescent lighting in all our facilities.
  • Our marketing materials are printed on uncoated, recycled paper with soy-based inks.
  • We recycle at all our locations.

Rewarding green living

  • Members can reduce their paper use and save money with free online banking and bill pay.
  • Our E-Go Green Auto Loan provides discounts on environmentally gentle autos.
  • Our Living Green Mortgage provides a discount of up to $1,500 off mortgages for certified energy efficient homes.
  • We reward members with eco-friendly gifts. Past rewards have included a Mercedes Smart ForTwo car, a hybrid SUV, natural cleaning products, organic lawn care, organic rose bushes and Green Lights gift cards.

Growing green communities

  • We sponsor local tree plantings through Vancouver Urban Forestry.
  • We support organizations that are dedicated to education, affordable housing, art and civic enhancements and health care access.
  • Our management serves on the board of Identity Clark County, CREDC, Vancouver Downtown Association, and Columbia Springs Environmental Services further supporting sustainable community development.

Go green yourself

If everyone did one thing “green,” it would make a huge impact. Through example, we hope you’ll join us in our sustainable lifestyle.