Members have reported receiving a variety of phone scams or “vishing” incidents in recent weeks. Scammers may be trying to capitalize on cardholders’ fears of having their personal data compromised in the Target data breach.

Vishing, short for “voice phishing,” is when thieves seek personal financial information by telephone. A potential victim might receive a voice message claiming that their credit card or debit card has been breached. The victim is instructed to call a customer service number which leads to a fraudulent call center established by the thief. The thief will ask for confidential account and login information. The message may provide a fraudulent website instead of a phone number.

Members should be very suspicious when receiving telephone or email messages asking them to provide confidential financial information. Instead of calling the number provided, call Columbia to verify the message.

Columbia will never ask for your full card number or PIN when contacting you about suspected fraud on your account. Beware of providing your sensitive financial information to anyone and if you receive a suspicious phone call, do not respond. Hang up immediately and contact us. Rest assured that you are covered in the event of fraud on your account as long as you notify us in a timely manner.

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