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New Credit Card FAQs

Why am I receiving a new credit card?
Columbia CU is changing credit card processors to provide improved service to our members.

Will my credit limit change?
Your credit limit will stay the same but there are other changes including the elimination of many fees (no annual fee, no balance transfer fee, no cash advance fee and no foreign transaction fee).

Will my interest rate change?
Balances added beginning May 20 will be under the terms of the new Agreement which you received in the mail in early April. If you have a balance on your current account when it is converted to a new account, it will remain under the terms of your original Agreement until paid in full.

If your current credit card is new and still in the 6-month intro period with a 0% Annual Percentage Rate (APR), you’ll continue to be charged 0% on balances added during your intro period. At the end of your 6-month intro period, those balances will remain under the terms of your original Agreement until paid in full.

Likewise, if your account is currently charged the penalty rate due to late payments, that rate will remain in effect until you have made 6 on-time payments. Then, your remaining balance will remain under the terms of your original Agreement until paid in full.

Will I have a new PIN for my credit card?
Yes. When you receive your new card, you’ll also get instructions and a phone number to call to activate it. You can also select a PIN of your choice when you call to activate your card. Use your new card and PIN to get cash advances at participating ATMs.

My spouse and I have separate cards for our current credit card account. Will our new account be the same?
You’ll each get new cards for your new account and they’ll be linked so that you’ll still get only one statement and pay only one bill. You’ll activate each of your cards individually.

Where should I send the payments for my new credit card account?
After May 20, you can continue making credit card payments at any Columbia CU branch or with Online Banking. If you prefer to mail your payments, please use this new address:

Columbia Credit Union, P.O. Box 2711, Omaha, NE 68103-2711.

What do I need to do to reset pre-authorized or recurring payments that are made from my card?
To ensure there is no interruption in these types of payments (such as monthly telephone, utility, insurance, clubs, etc.), contact the merchant and give them your new card number as soon as you receive it.

What do I need to do to reset my monthly payments that are made to my card through ACH, payroll deduction or recurring transfers?
To ensure there is no interruption in automated payments, contact the providers of these services (other banks, credit unions or bill pay service providers) and give them your new card number and payment address:

Columbia Credit Union, P.O. Box 2711, Omaha, NE 68103-2711.

Will my previous card payment history transfer to my new credit card account?
No. Print or save copies of your prior statements to your computer before May 17 if you want to keep them, or we can provide past statement copies for $2.50 each.

I will be traveling between May 13 and 20. Can I get my new card before I leave?
Unfortunately, no. But, your current card will continue to work until May 20. We recommend using your Columbia CU debit card or another credit card until you are able to activate your new card.

Will I still be able to see my Visa credit card activity in Online Banking?
Your current credit card transactions and statements won’t be available in Online Banking after May 16. But, that is where you’ll go to see transactions, statements and set up account alerts on your new card beginning May 20. You can make payments there, too.

How does the new rewards program work?

All of your unused ScoreCard Reward points will transfer automatically to our new UChoose Rewards program on May 20.  But unlike some other rewards programs, your uChoose Rewards will never expire as long as your card remains open.  To begin earning rewards, you must enter your card number(s) at  You’ll earn points for all of your purchases.  Plus, you can earn additional points by shopping online or in-store at participating merchants.  You’ll redeem your points for cash back, travel or merchandise from our online catalog found at

How do I redeem my rewards points?

It can take up to 40 days for points to be credited to your account.  You can redeem them at when you have accumulated at least 2,500 points.  If you choose to receive cash back rewards, you’ll get them as a credit to your credit card account.  If you have more than one card on your account, the rewards earned from all those cards will be combined in your single account.