Boats RV and Motor Homes

Repayment PeriodFixed APR*
724.75% - 16.99%
844.75% - 16.99%
964.75% - 16.99%
1204.75% - 16.99%
1444.75% - 16.99%
1804.75% - 16.99%

* APY = Annual Percentage Yield

*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Your qualifying APR is based on selected repayment schedule and credit qualifications including residential status, credit and employment history. Qualifying rate may also be based on vehicle value, year and mileage. Refinances only available from another lender. Payment example: If you borrow $30,000 for 120 months at 5.00% APR your monthly payment would be $314.54.

Maximum loan is $50,000. Contact us for other borrowing options for larger loan amounts.

Lowest APRs in each range include Checking Relationship Plan discount. Plan provides a qualifying rate discount of .25% APR for automatic loan payments from Columbia checking. Auto Pay can be set up via online banking or through a Columbia representative; excludes payments with online bill pay. Plan excludes lines of credit, credit card, share-secured loans, 1st mortgages, home equity, and business loans.

Membership required to borrow. Columbia Credit Union may offer other rates in the future. Rates accurate as of .