Columbia Credit Union has upgraded our security to better protect the safety and soundness of your online banking experience. As part of the process, we’ll guide you through a few changes, including:

  • Creating a new User ID that you will use to login moving forward, instead of your Member Number.
  • Providing a phone number or email that we can use to verify you when you use an unrecognized computer. These will replace the use of challenge questions.
  • If your password does not meet our current minimum requirements below, you will also be asked to create a stronger password.
    • Minimum 8 characters
    • Include at least one letter
    • Include at least one number

In addition to the security upgrade, you’ll notice some usability enhancements:

  • Convenient, self-serve password resets! When you forget your password, you will no longer need to contact the credit union to be unlocked and reset. Instead, we will provide a self-serve forgotten password tool. Please note that the tool requires that we already have a validation phone number (not email) stored within online banking, so be sure to provide at least one phone number during the upgrade process.
  • Convenient, self-serve User ID recovery! If you forget your new User ID, you will not have to contact the credit union; instead, at your request, we send it to your email on record.
  • An improved navigation
  • New features that make it faster and easier for you to manage your bills
  • A fresh new look that matches our new website.

These changes are designed to take advantage of new technologies to improve your experience. We hope that you enjoy them.