Still smiling, and safer than ever

Through strange and changing times, we’re doing everything we can to keep our members and employees healthy, safe, and in good standing (6ft apart). Scroll down to learn about the new experience of visiting a branch, and who you’ll meet while you’re there.

Effective June 15, 2020

Welcome in.

All branches are currently open for in-lobby service with physical distancing and health and safety precautions.

9 AM – 6 PM Mon – Fri, 9 AM – 1:30 PM Sat: Battle Ground Fred Meyer, Buckman, Cascade Park, Fourth Plain, Grand Central, Hazel Dell, Orchards, Ridgefield, Riverstone, Salmon Creek, Scotton Landing, and Washougal

9 AM – 6 PM Mon – Fri: Downtown and Eastridge

In-Branch Health
& Safety Practices

The new normal for our in-branch experience has arrived. We’re wearing cloth face coverings, using plexiglass transaction shields, implementing frequent routine cleaning, and a whole lot more.

Meet some of the folks behind the smile
(covered or not).

Amista Taylor

Battle Ground Fred Meyer Branch Manager

Doubling down for our members and becoming a home school teacher all at the same time has been a crazy experience. But it’s been incredibly rewarding as well.

I feel wonderful knowing that I can help someone cross off a big task that may have been looming over their head, making life easier during an uneasy time. And with more online options becoming available, life is getting better every day for our members.

Brinda Brown

Buckman Branch Manager

I have great pride in being an essential worker during a challenging time. It feels amazing to be able to adapt how, when, and where we can provide our essential services to our members.

And with the whole family spending more time at home, it’s been really fun to do a little remodeling around the house. While things may be changing outside without our control, it feels good to take charge of our own little environment here at home.

Dan Souvenir

Ridgefield Branch Manager

These are strange times, that’s for sure. But my wife and I have been spending our weekends landscaping our yard as an opportunity to work on a project together while we’ve had to stay apart from so many other people. I can honestly say our yard’s never looked better!

When it comes to work, the Columbia CU team has been buckling down to deliver for our members. And it’s shown results, too. Seeing the impact of what we do for our members and their businesses has been amazing.

Aamir Sheikh

Washougal Branch Manager

I think the biggest change I’ve found in my day-to-day routine these past few months, just like everyone else, is trying to find everything online if possible to avoid going to the store. The credit union itself has seen tons of members heading online to our digital services for their banking needs.

If feels good when our members tell us how much they appreciate us being available for them during these times.

Amy Ewing

Hazel Dell Branch Manager

Keeping more distance has certainly put how people reach out into perspective. It’s been amazing seeing how friends and family have stayed connected and supported each other. 

But more time at home has come with other advantages as well. For instance, my project of restoring a 1965 VW Bus has progressed beautifully over the past weeks.

Andrew Haynes

Grand Central Branch Manager

I’d like to take a moment of appreciation for live chat, in all its forms. Not only has this been a critical feature on the credit union’s website for members to get quick and easy assistance, but FaceTime has been a godsend at home.

Since we’re unable to hang out in person, live chatting has been the way to get my need for social interactions satisfied. It’s pretty cool when you can play games and connect with those you care for from long distances away.

Chuck Crider

Eastridge Branch Manager

I’m so impressed by the transformation Columbia Credit Union undertook over the past couple months. We extended services and expanded our digital footprint all to make life easier for our members during a challenging time.

But the way we operate now is really no different than the way we’ve always done business. We help people the best way we can no matter what, pandemic or otherwise.

Ed Hakanovic

Fourth Plain Branch Manager

Although this has been a crazy time, we’ve still been able to double down our efforts for members. And that makes me very proud.

For instance, when a member had their debit card daily spending limit maxed out while they were out of town, they were sure we wouldn’t answer the phone since we were outside of normal hours. But in fact we had expanded our availability, and managed to increase the limit so they weren’t stranded.

Gayle Smith

Scotton Landing Branch Manager

Part of what has been so interesting while the family has been home is watching my kids learn. I’m finding out more about their styles of learning and feel closer to them than ever because of it. I didn’t think that was possible but it is!

I’ve loved learning new things during the past weeks, both big and small. Seeing the credit union adapt to new experiences has been amazing.

Julie Bocanegra

Orchards Branch Manager

I enjoy being there for our members, pandemic or not. I love the trust they’ve put in us and hope they know they can always count on me to be there for them.

I’m so thankful to my team at the branch and for the way everyone has mastered so many changes in such a short period of time. Talk about impressive.

Kavita Ros

Riverstone Branch Manager

I love seeing more of my neighbors these days. It’s so great to have kids playing basketball outside, playing catch, riding bikes, skate boards, etc. Life is short and it’s good to have a change in pace to reflect and count your blessings.

Same goes for Columbia CU. I’ve always been very compassionate and service-driven, but in a challenging environment this is a great way to show how much you care.

Kelli Mimmack

Downtown Branch Manager

So many people staying home had some interesting side effects. While the ability for our members to access their accounts online from home has been an invaluable tool, the emptiness of the branch and surrounding areas could sometimes be a little eerie.

I remember one day when I stood in the middle of Broadway Street outside the branch and looked around Downtown Vancouver. Mid-afternoon and it was a ghost town. 

Kelly Mathers

Salmon Creek Branch Manager

I’ll never forget the kindness our members have shown to us during this time. The thoughtfulness of folks every day asking us how we are holding up, thanking us for being there, was just the best.

I am so grateful that we were able to keep access to our branches flowing safely and expand our digital options so we could serve our members who might be struggling financially or need our help. We have the best members!

Tabitha Presser

Cascade Park Branch Manager

These have been wild times and we’ve all had to pitch in with learning new skills or doing things that might not seem to be in the job description. But it’s all in a day’s work!

When we moved all of our transactions to the drive-up lanes, it took some adjusting. But when someone’s car got stuck in one of the lanes, I was able to add to my resume “traffic controller.” There’s one skill I’ll have forever now.

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