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Telephone Banking FAQ

Why does it give me the option to transfer to another member’s account?
That is when you have a related account (also called a cross-account) that you have set up to transfer money to. This may include transferring money from your checking account to your child’s savings account.


How do I get access to telephone banking?
Call Member Services or visit your branch today for your telephone banking PIN code. When you’re requesting your PIN, make sure you also request a Personal Online Banking PIN for computer access, so that whether you’re by a phone or on the Internet you’re always close to Columbia.


How do I enter a dollar amount into telephone banking for a transfer?
Entering amounts in telephone banking requires a decimal marker. The * symbol is used for the decimal. For instance, if you wanted to transfer $50.00, you would enter 50*00. The system will repeat your request and ask you to verify by pressing 1 if it is correct or 2 if you want to cancel.


How do I make a payment to my loan from telephone banking?
To make a payment on a loan, you transfer the amount you want to pay from your deposit account to your loan account. For example, to make a payment of $50 to your car loan account, you would transfer $50.00 from your checking account to your car loan.