Financial Education

You can learn how to manage debt so it doesn’t manage you by looking at where your money is going and how to optimize your finances.

Put low-rate resolutions into your savings roadmap with a fee-free balance transfer to your Columbia Credit Union credit card.

Overdraft Kindness operates in line with our core value of financial wellness, eliminating fees in favor of more member-focused solutions.

Check out our tips on how to save for an emergency, make saving a part of your everyday routine, and set cash aside to watch it grow. 

Adding up insurance protection through joint accounts and account diversity can help you insure far more than $250,000.

Credit unions like Columbia CU are insulated from financial uncertainty experienced by banks by our not-for-profit structure.

Getting your expenses and income to match up can feel like a daunting task. But these 3 tips can help you turn the corner on your finances.

Your financial well-being, or overall financial situation, is unique to you. Use these four easy steps to help track your money ins and outs.

From applying for a mortgage to getting a mobile phone plan, good credit can affect your life in many ways.

Make a balance transfer to consolidate higher rate balances under one card with a lower rate. Just call the number on the back of your card.

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