Meet Lindsey Salvestrin: Our New President & CEO

Columbia CU’s Core Values strongly align with the vision I see for your Credit Union – People, Community, and Financial Wellness.

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How to Avoid Phone Fraud as a Columbia Credit Union Member

July 24, 2023

With fraudsters targeting financial institutions using phone “spoofing” scams, here’s how to stay safe as a Columbia Credit Union member.

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Columbia CU Introduces Overdraft Kindness

June 1, 2023

Overdraft Kindness operates in line with our core value of financial wellness, eliminating fees in favor of more member-focused solutions.

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5 Tips to Help Save for an Emergency

May 5, 2023

Check out our tips on how to save for an emergency, make saving a part of your everyday routine, and set cash aside to watch it grow. 

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What Are Home Equity Lines of Credit and Loans?

April 11, 2023

Interested in remodeling your outdated kitchen? A home equity line or loan can help make it happen. Learn about HELOCs and more.

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How to Insure More than $250,000 in Deposits

March 23, 2023

Adding up insurance protection through joint accounts and account diversity can help you insure far more than $250,000.

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A field overset with words assuring members that credit unions are different from banks

Why Credit Unions Are Safe in Tough Economic Times

March 14, 2023

Credit unions like Columbia CU are insulated from financial uncertainty experienced by banks by our not-for-profit structure.

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