How to Insure More than $250,000 in Deposits

Adding up insurance protection through joint accounts and account diversity can help you insure far more than $250,000.

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A field overset with words assuring members that credit unions are different from banks

Why Credit Unions Are Safe in Tough Economic Times

March 14, 2023

Credit unions like Columbia CU are insulated from financial uncertainty experienced by banks by our not-for-profit structure.

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3 Simple Tips for Aligning Your Expenses and Income

March 10, 2023

Getting your expenses and income to match up can feel like a daunting task. But these 3 tips can help you turn the corner on your finances.

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The 7/6 ARM: An Adjustable Rate Mortgage Option

March 6, 2023

A 7/6 ARM is a mortgage with a fixed-rate for 7 years, followed by a period in which the interest rate can be adjusted once every 6 months.

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avoiding unknown number phone scams

Phone Scams & Fake Calls: How to Stay Protected

March 3, 2023

Columbia Credit Union and government agencies will never ask you to input your personally identifiable information over the phone.

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tracking your money for a budget with calculator and spread sheets

4 Steps to Tracking Where Your Money Goes

February 8, 2023

Your financial well-being, or overall financial situation, is unique to you. Use these four easy steps to help track your money ins and outs.

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making good credit a financial resolution with Teresa

Making Good Credit A Financial Resolution

January 30, 2023

From applying for a mortgage to getting a mobile phone plan, good credit can affect your life in many ways.

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