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How to File a Credit Bureau Dispute

June 18, 2019

Think there might be an error with your Columbia Credit Union account after reviewing your credit report? You can mail us your dispute in writing or submit your requests directly to the credit reporting agencies. If you submit your dispute electronically to the credit bureaus, your information and the items being disputed are sent with your dispute. We’ll work with the credit reporting agency(s) to ensure the information is correct.

We report to these three credit bureaus:

It is important to remember that Columbia CU must follow federal, state, and municipality guidelines that require us to report accurately to the credit reporting agencies. Columbia CU does not offer courtesy or goodwill removals.

If you would like to mail in your dispute, please include:

  • In detail, what the dispute is in relation to
  • The date of the information you feel is incorrect
  • Your full Columbia CU account number

To help expedite your request, if available, please include:

  • A copy of your credit report showing the error
  • Any documentation that you may have showing this was a Columbia CU error

Please mail the documents to: Columbia Credit Union

Attn: Lending Solutions
P.O. Box 324
Vancouver, WA 98666

Please be aware that Columbia CU will not remove the dispute if the credit bureau is reporting the account correctly.