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Meet Our $1,000 Giveaway Winners

November 04, 2019

October saw fancy coffees, cash giveaways, and great deals run rampant during Member Appreciation Month. But one lucky member from each of our 14 branches really hit the jackpot. Meet the $1,000 giveaway winners from every branch.

Joni from Buckman

The Buckman branch was stoked for Joni, who’s on a first name basis with the staff. The $1,000 should help as they move house over the coming weeks.

Carlos from Fourth Plain

Happy spending to Carlos, who’s planning a fun-filled weekend with friends.

Kate from Ridgefield

The Ridgefield branch was out of coffee when Kate arrived, but luckily she still decided to enter for a chance to win.

Kristyn from Battle Ground

A thousand bucks can buy a lot of things. Even a smile from the typically camera-shy.

Natalie from Downtown

When she heard she won, Natalie thought it was a joke. No kidding, here’s $1,000.

Toni from Riverstone

Toni loves the tellers at the Riverstone branch, who gave her the inside scoop on our $1,000 member drawing. Great job, team!

Kris from Eastridge

Kris and his wife had been told they would be down a roommate and need to make up the rent just 15 minutes before getting the call that they’d won. How’s that for timing?

Ryan from Cascade Park

It was off to the zoo for Ryan and his two young ones after his big win.

Sharon from Battle Ground Fred Meyer

Sharon doesn’t usually stop by the branch. But she just so happened to make a deposit on the day of her branch’s giveaway.

Darby from Salmon Creek

After Darby’s husband came by the Salmon Creek branch in the morning, he let his wife know about the free gourmet coffee being served. When Darby stopped in for a cup, she helped herself to the $1,000 giveaway as well.

Lynn from Orchards

“I’m gonna win,” Lynn said to herself as she entered her name. She just knew it.

Randy from Hazel Dell

Randy specifically went into the Hazel Dell branch to enter for a chance to win. Well done.

Nicolle from Washougal

It’s Nicolle’s son’s senior year. Her $1,000 win should help with their next chapter.

Cheryl from Grand Central

Cheryl got her whole family to enter to win with her and it ended up paying off. Now, who’s in charge of divvying up the winnings?

October may be over, but the member love never stops. Know someone who needs a little Columbia in their life? We may serve over 100,000 Northwest neighbors, but there’s always room for more.