Overdraft Kindness

Account balance go negative? We’ve got your back. When an overdraft occurs, Columbia CU’s Overdraft Kindness allows you to avoid a potential one-time $20 fee for the day a transaction took your account negative if your account is brought positive by 6:30 pm on the day of that overdraft.

Ways to bring your account positive:

  • Make a Deposit – Deposit funds in a branch or ATM, or make a mobile deposit with the app or a business remote deposit; make a same-day ACH
  • Make a Transfer – Transfer funds from another account in a branch or with the app; phone-a-friend for a Pay People member-to-member transfer

How to bring your account positive:

Make a Deposit

Use the app to make a mobile deposit, or deposit funds at any branch or ATM to bring your current balance back positive.

Make a Transfer

Log in to Online Banking, use the app, or visit a branch to transfer funds from another account to bring your current balance back positive.

Extending a Little Kindness

Overdrafts happen. Charging more of what you already don’t have doesn’t help anyone. That’s why our Overdraft Kindness eliminates fees to help smooth the path when finances get rocky. In line with our core value of financial wellness, we absorb the burden of operating fees typically passed on to members when an account goes negative, while offering an opportunity to avoid a one-time fee if an account is brought back positive by the end of the day.

*No Overdraft Fee if, as of our day-end processing, the day’s withdrawal(s) don’t overdraw (or further overdraw) the current balance by more than $20.

No Overdraft Fee if deposit(s) or transfer(s) are made by 6:30 pm on the same day of the overdraft(s) to bring the current balance to at least $20 or less overdrawn.


Overdraft Protection

Set up Overdraft Protection to transfer funds from linked accounts when your account is overdrawn. Just call 360.891.4000, visit a branch, or use the Digital Assistant.

  • When there aren’t enough funds in your account to cover a transaction, Columbia CU will transfer funds in increments of $100 from your linked accounts
  • If the full $100 is not available in your linked accounts, but there is enough to cover the overdraft, that amount will be transferred to cover the overdraft
  • Link to your Savings Account, Money Market Account, Checking Account, Personal Line of Credit, or all four


Get balance alerts sent to your phone.

Set up weekly account updates or notifications when your balance dips below a certain threshold through Online Banking:

Additional Services > Alerts & Notifications

Overdrafts FAQs

An Overdraft Fee may be assessed if your Current Balance is negative by more than $20 at 6:30 pm PT on the day a transaction took that Current Balance negative.

You can use either of our Overdraft Kindness features to avoid a $20 Overdraft Fee:

  1. Oops! Feature: Overdraft is $20 or less as of our day-end processing at 6:30 pm PT.
  2. Deposit Grace Feature: Bring your Current Balance positive or to no more than $20 negative by 6:30pm PT on the same day as your overdraft(s).

Each day the overdrawn account has more withdrawals bringing it further negative (and you don’t use the Deposit Grace Feature), another $20 flat fee will be assessed.

An Overdraft Fee may be assessed if your Current Balance (shown in Online & Mobile Banking) is negative by more than $20 at 6:30 pm PT on the day a transaction took that Current Balance negative.

Overdraft email notifications will go to the primary person on the account (TRO), not to all signers on the account.

You are able to opt out specifically from overdraft email notifications by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the email.

Call us, come in to a branch, or use the Digital Assistant on the website to opt back in to overdraft email notifications.

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Teresa Wheeler

Certified Credit Union Financial Coach


Meet with a certified financial coach.

Financial coaches are certified pros who help guide members to make smart financial decisions. Because let’s face it—our financial lives can be full of stress. And that stress in turn impacts our overall health and wellness.

Here’s what we can do together:

  • Create strategies to reduce debt
  • Make plans for long-term savings goals, such as home buying or retirement
  • Direct you to the right financial services
  • Refer you to other resources within our community network

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