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couple enjoying the holidays after saving with a balance transfer

Making a Balance Transfer a Savings Resolution

December 07, 2023

Put low-rate resolutions into your savings roadmap fee-free with a balance transfer to your Columbia Credit Union credit card. Transferring a balance to your Columbia CU Visa credit card from cards elsewhere means you can consolidate higher-rate balances under one card where the rate is lower, leaving you less to pay. With Columbia Credit Union’s great credit card rates, this can really reduce your overall payments if you have higher-rate balances elsewhere.

Make a Fee-Free Transfer

Columbia Credit Union charges no balance transfer fee. Considering most banks charge anywhere from a 3-5% fee to transfer a balance, a $10,000 transfer could save you up to $300 to $500 with Columbia Credit Union.

How to Make a Balance Transfer

Call the number on the back of your card: