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Leadership Compensation

Board of Directors & Supervisory Committee Compensation

Columbia Credit Union has established a Compensation Policy to provide reasonable compensation for its Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee as allowed by law and the Credit Union’s Bylaws. This Policy recognizes the education and time requirements that are necessary and expected of the Directors and Committee Members, who set general direction and control of the Credit Union.

Compensation Schedule for 2019
The Credit Union provides reasonable compensation in the form of an annual stipend ranging between $6,000 and $8,000 based on leadership positions held. The stipend is payable in quarterly installments. Policy automatically opts all Officials into compensation and allows Officials to opt-out of the stipend with written notification to the Board Chair stating the reason for opting out.

Position Compensation
Director + Board Chair $8,000
Director + Vice Chair $6,000
Director + Treasurer $6,000
Director + Secretary $6,000
Director + Committee Chair $6,000
Director $6,000
Supervisory Committee Chair $6,000
Supervisory Committee Vice Chair $6,000
Supervisory Committee Member $6,000

Compensation Paid in 2018
The following compensation was paid to Board Directors and Supervisory Committee Members in calendar year 2018:

Position Compensation
Al Schauer Director & Board Chair (Jan 1 – Jun 5), Director (Jun 6 – Dec 31) $7,333.33
Alishia Topper Director & Vice Chair (Jan 1 – Jun 5), Board Chair (Jun 6 – Dec 31) $6,666.67
Marci White-Stumpf Director & Treasurer $6,000.00
Kelly Love Director & Secretary (Jan 1 – Jun 5), Vice Chair (Jun 6 – Dec 31) $6,000.00
Roy Johnson Director & Secretary (Jun 6 – Dec 31) $6,000.00
Larry Paulson Director $6,000.00
Eric Sawyer Director $6,000.00
Lynn Valenter Director $0.00
Carol Van Natta Director $6,000.00
Dick Thompson Supervisory Committee Member & Chair $6,000.00
Tony Jackson Supervisory Committee Member & Vice Chair $6,000.00
Judith L Chipman Supervisory Committee Member $6,000.00
Dave Dumas Supervisory Committee Member $6,000.00
Paul Montague Supervisory Committee Member $6,000.00