Thanks for coming to the Parade of Homes!

We hope you got inspired to embark on your own home project transformation—and that we can help bring it to life.

Your dream home is calling...

Renovations, upgrades, new builds—whatever you need, let’s make your dream home a reality. As you’ve seen out in the community, Columbia Credit Union’s custom home financing options come tailor-made for your needs. Check out some lending options below, apply for a loan, or get in touch to learn even more.

Buy and Renovate

Use a Renovation Loan to buy and renovate with a single loan based on expected value.

Build a Dream Home

Custom Construction Loans roll construction-phase financing into your permanent mortgage.

Use Home Equity

Pay for repairs, renovations, and side projects using the equity built into your home.


Make it happen with a custom Renovation Loan.

Get a loan based on the future value of your home after renovation.

  • Wrap renovation projects into one easy loan
  • Buy and renovate a new home with a single loan based on expected value
  • No line of credit necessary


What can your Home Equity do for you?

Overhaul your home value, pay for improvements, or consolidate debts at a better rate. It’s your equity, use it how you want!

  • Pay for repairs, renovations, and side projects
  • Make big-ticket purchases
  • Refinance higher interest debt
  • Increase your monthly cash-on-hand


Need to buy before your old home closes?

A Bridge Loan gives you short-term cash while you wait for your old home to close.


Purchase Rates

Updated on February 27, 2024

15-year fixed

30-year fixed

Jumbo 15-year fixed

Jumbo 30-year fixed

VA 30-year fixed

Getting Pre-Approved for a Home Loan – Let’s Talk

Not sure where to start?

Meet with one of our Home Loan Officers to find what’s right for you.