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Personal Checking Accounts

Save Now. Smile Later.

With the right tools, managing your money can be a breeze. Columbia Credit Union checking accounts are the right tools. Choose the one that works best for you, add some free accessories, and watch your life get better. All checking accounts come with online banking and bill pay, e-statement option, online budgeting tool, telephone banking and mobile banking – all absolutely FREE!

Personal Routing Number: 323383349

Features Free for All Income Bonus RewardsPlus (50+)
Minimum to Open $1 $1 $1 $1
Monthly Fee $0 $7 $10 $0
Min. Balance $0 $500 $0 $0
How to Avoid Fee N/A Direct Deposit or $500 Minimum Balance N/A N/A
Debit Rewards
Free Debit Card Replacement
Free Online / Mobile Banking
Free Bill Pay
Stash Your Cash
Available Overdraft Protection
Available Discretionary Courtesy Pay
Free Custom Checks One box per calendar year One box per calendar year
Free Money Orders
Free Withdrawals on non-Columbia or non-Co-Op ATMs1
Safe Deposit Box Discounts
Free Coupon Book With Money Market

¹ Does not apply to fees charged by ATM proprietor.

Overdraft Services

Overdrafts can happen to the best of us: we forget to deposit a check, make a math error or need to make an emergency purchase. At times like these, Columbia’s overdraft options help protect you from negative financial consequences, such as non-sufficient funds (NSFs), return fees from merchants or late payment fees from your creditors.

Overdraft Protection Plans

If an overdraft occurs, Overdraft Protection transfers are your first line of defense.

How It Works

If there aren’t enough funds in your account to cover a transaction, we’ll transfer funds in increments of $100 from your linked account(s) for just $5 per transfer. If you don’t have the incremental $100 amount in your linked accounts, but do have enough to cover the overdraft and the $5 transfer fee, we’ll transfer what’s available to cover your overdraft. You can link to any, or all, of the accounts or loan types listed in the table below.

Set Up Overdraft Protection Today

To sign up for Overdraft Protection or to verify your designated accounts/loans, visit a branch, call 360.891.4000 or use our handy online chat tool. If you don’t already have the accounts open, you can apply online in minutes.

Overdraft Protection Account Options

Savings Account Open Account
Money Market Account Open Account
Checking Account Open Account
Personal Line of Credit Apply for Loan


Discretionary Courtesy Pay

Opt In/Out Now If you don’t have enough available funds in your checking account, or through an overdraft protection plan, Columbia may cover your purchase with our Discretionary Courtesy Pay. ·  Comes automatically for purchases made by check or through ACH (automatic clearing house). ·  For everyday purchases made with your debit card, you will need to opt in to receive Discretionary Courtesy Pay. If Discretionary Courtesy Pay is used, an overdraft fee applies (please see the fee schedule for current rate) for this additional safeguard on your checking transactions. As always, we encourage you to manage your finances responsibly. Please view our FAQ for tips on how to avoid overdraft fees. Discretionary Courtesy Pay FAQ

Direct Deposit

Have all or a portion of your payroll or other regularly scheduled payments deposited directly into your Columbia Credit Union checking account. Getting your funds electronically is safer, easier and more reliable than paper checks with no need to make a special trip to cash or deposit a check.

  • Reduce risk of stolen checks. Help protect yourself from identity theft.
  • Pay yourself first. Designate a portion to be deposited into savings.
  • Access your funds quicker.
  • Save time. Eliminate extra trips to the branch or ATM.

To begin direct deposit give your employer’s payroll department or issuing agency:

  • Columbia Credit Union’s personal routing number 323383349.
  • Your eight-digit Columbia personal checking account number.

Check image: First set of digits is routing number; second set is checking account number; third is check number

Employment Checks

We created a direct deposit authorization for your use. Click the printer icon at the top of the page to print the document (as many as you need). Complete the blanks before mailing.

24/7 Account Access

Visa® Debit Cards

Leave your checkbook at home! Instead, use your Columbia Credit Union Visa® debit card.

  • Purchases are deducted from your checking account
  • Saves you time and hassle
  • Can be used wherever Visa debit cards are honored, including most retail merchants, grocery stores and restaurants
  • More versatile than checks
  • Can be used at ATMs for cash withdrawals and other transactions
  • Verified by Visa adds extra fraud protection for online purchases.

ATM Access

Use your Columbia Visa Debit card for convenient withdrawals and transactions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You’ll find Columbia Credit Union ATMs at all our branches, as well as two non-branch locations. Use your Columbia Visa Debit card at ATMs worldwide wherever you see the Accel/Exchange, PLUS, or Visa logos displayed.

Personal Online Banking and Bill Pay

Transfer funds, receive electronic statements, re-order checks, pay bills, view account histories – all and more with Columbia Credit Union’s Free Personal Online Banking service.

Mobile Banking

Perform financial chores anytime, anywhere, from the convenience of your mobile phone. View account balances and history, transfer funds, pay bills and more. It’s fast easy, secure and FREE!

Telephone Banking:  360.891.1234

From balance inquiries to account transfers, access your account whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you by using our free automated phone service. You will need a personal identification number (PIN) to access your information. To obtain your telephone banking PIN, please contact our Member Service Call Center at 360.891.4000.